Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Oriana Fallaci

This I will tell you about Oriana Fallaci, who is still beloved in the US media.  This is actually a tribute to her in the New York Times.  She was not a journalist: she was a liar and a fabricator.  She is worse than even Barbara Walters.  I know this about her: In 1970, she published an interview with George Habash in Life Magazine: you know what she did? She fabricated a statement by Habash.  This is enough for me to know what kind of a lousy human being she was.  She claimed that Habash said that he supports international operations because he wanted to kill Jews.  If you know anything about Habash, and if you only read Habash in translation, you would know that he would never ever utter words like that.  If Habash never spoke in this anti-Semitic language, he used only for the benefit of this lousy human being?

Terrorism charges are only reserved for Muslims

“ “That fact that the term is being preserved only to describe ‘racially profiled’ violence reveals how deeply embedded racism and Islamophobia has become in our language and disturbingly, even in our legal system,” notes University of Toronto professor Megan M. Boler.”

Learn about parliamentary democracy from Saudi Arabia

Members of the regime-appointed powerless Shura Council calls for public shaming of anyone who criticize the regime.  Kid you not.  

The speaker of the Kuwaiti parliament (the only elected parliament in GCC) expels the Israeli delegation from Inter-paliramentary Union meeting in Moscow

Israeli minister threatens civilian targets in Lebanon and there is no Western media outrage

'Next Time, We Won't Spare Lebanon': Christian Media Hears Doomsday Warning From Senior Israeli Minister: 'Its infrastructure, international airport and government facilities – it’s all game,' Naftali Bennett tells first-of-its-kind Christian Media Summit in Jerusalem".

Can you imagine the uproar if those threats were made by Arabs against Israel?

This Western correspondent is pleading: she wants US occupation to stay forever

Syrian Kurds just retook Raqqa, aided by the US. But Kirkuk raises the question: will the US be sticking around?

US forces and propaganda in Raqqa

Hizbullah expelled ISIS fighters from the Lebanese border and allowed them to evacuate with their families in buses.  The US and its militias in Raqqa reached a similar deal with once difference: US forces would not allow photographers to take pictures of the buses, while Hizbullah did, and its enemies used the pictures against them.

Neo-Nazis find friends in Israel

"Just as in Germany, there are clear indications of ties between Austria’s neo-Nazi far right and Israel’s right wing."

Civilian vs weapons nuclear program

"Over 30 countries have civilian nuclear programs; only a handful—including, of course, the US and Israel—have nuclear weapons programs. One is used to power cities, one is used to level them." (thanks Amir)

US allowed buses of ISIS fighters to leave Raqqa: where are the pictures?

Where there were no pictures of the buses which the US arranged for ISIS fighters in Raqqa?

Fighting ISIS in Dayr Az-Zur

There has been ferocious fighting against ISIS in Dayr Az-Zur by Hizbullah and the Syrian regime forces and other allies and all Western media purposefully ignore this chapter in the history of fighting against ISIS because this does not fit into their bogus and fake narrative of the war on ISIS.  

The US ISIS envoy in Raqqa

What a theatre. The US ISIS envoy visited Raqqa today accompanied with a Saudi minister to basically lay the claim that it was the US (and Saudi Arabia?) who really kicked out the ISIS caliphate.  Those are the least effective elements of the international collection of forces which fought ISIS.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Are Western media for real? Are they serious about their account for the demise of ISIS?

If you read Western media you really get the impression that ISIS was defeated solely by US bombing and by the efforts of Syrian Democratic Forces militia.  Those two parties were probably the least effective and least important in the regional fight against ISIS.  But this is propaganda and not journalism.
"Remembering the massacre of Algerians in Paris"

Shame on US Zionists for being indulgent with rabid anti-Semites and holocaust denials if they support Israel

'Scaramucci is clearly an anti-Semite. Those who engage in the game of number of Holocaust victims are anti-Semites in my book.  But American Zionists have a long record of indulgence toward anti-Semites if they are supporters of Israel, or if they at least don't criticize Israel.  Israel is the worst ally in the war against anti-Semitism.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Obama and Chris Rock

"Q: Right. I remember I was at Oprah’s house when she threw that first big fundraiser for Obama in 2007. And me, Obama and Chris Rock were huddled in a corner. And Chris Rock told us his famous story about the fight between heavyweight champ Larry Holmes and the great-white-hope boxer Gerry Cooney. Holmes was whipping his behind. And then, after Holmes knocked him out, the judges’ scorecards revealed that two of them had Cooney ahead in the fight! Rock said that his daddy told him that you can’t beat white folk — as in outpoint them in a fight — so you have to knock them out! As much as Obama loves to quote Rock, that particular message never gets cited. I was right there. Heard it with my own ears. Instead, Obama would quote Chris Rock saying that black folk always want credit for things they should be doing anyway, like paying child support; but he never quotes Rock’s relentless assault on white supremacy. Ain’t no balance, and thus he misrepresents the truth. I think that’s what you’re getting at.
A: It’s true, it’s true."

He was responding to Iranian foreign minister: can you imagine a DC think tank "fellow" ever using such language about a GCC minister?

Textbook example of a dictatorship using an external threat to try and legitimize its repressive apparatus. Trump has been a gift to them

Roots of American global domination

My weekly article in Al-Akhbar: "Roots of American Global Domination: "Manifest Destiny".

US-made militias around Raqqa reached a deal with ISIS to evaluate their fighters in buses: look how Liz Sly strains to justify

Liz Sly (@LizSly)
Syrian ISIS fighters in Raqqa surrendered today under a deal not like the Hezbollah one. Only foreigners remain…

Sunday, October 15, 2017

A Zionist in Hollywood blames female victims

Here you go.

Can you imagine the justifiable outrage if a Muslim government were to create a database for all US Muslim students?

"Israel to Create Database of All U.S. Jewish College Students for Outreach Efforts".  

Who gives a potato what Khrushchev's granddaughter and grandnephew think about ANYTHING?

"Khrushchev’s Granddaughter Just Compared Trump To Stalin".

Trum's speech on Iran: what on earth was he talking about here?

"Iranian proxies provided training to operatives who were later involved in al-Qaeda's bombing of the American embassies in Kenya, Tanzania"

Friday, October 13, 2017

A Saudi regime newspaper brags: that Saudi Arabia was the first country to welcome Trump's Iran strategy, only seconds after it was announced

Algerians are furious because the UK ambassador to Algeria visited a mosque dressed in shorts

Personally, it does not bother me BUT: can you imagine the uproar if a Muslim ambassador in DC or in London were to visit a church dressed like this? Can you imagine the reaction of international media?

Turkish media raise more questions about the claim of assassination attempt on the life of Syrian director in Istanbul

Turkish media are really fed up with the claim of the assassination attempt by Syrian director, Muhammad Bayazid.  Even pro-Syrian opposition media and social media are now mocking the claim.  But Bayazid came with a response: he said that it is in the interest of the Syrian regime to get rid of him given his films. 

The lousy journalism of Ben Hubbard: he defames Syrian football players: would he say that about Saudi football players?

"The team, which is closely related to Mr. Assad, is still in the running to qualify for the 2018 World Cup."  What does this mean? How are the football players close to Mr. Assad?  Does he train the team and supervise their training? Or is he accusing the team members of dropping barrel bombs?    This is the trend in US journalism: you can get away saying the most absurd and ridiculous thing about a country if the regime of that country is not an ally of the US.  

Thursday, October 12, 2017

All in one map

The case of Syrian opposition director who said he survived an assassination attempt in Istanbul: new developments

So The Guardian (which now reads as bad and as reactionary and as uncritical as the New York Times on the Middle East) among another media peddled a story that a Syrian opposition director, Muhammad Bayazid, was stabbed in the chest and that he survived an assassination attempt and that he was by his account at the ICU unit in a hospital.  The Guardian, among others, made it clear that it was the Syrian regime which tried to kill him.  But the next day, director of the GCC-sponsored CAIR posted a picture of himself with the director the day after the stab in the chest and said that he survived an assassination attempt (he even added that the "the stab which does not kill you makes you stronger).  But the Turkish police today spoke: it said that there is basically no evidence of the assassination and that the director never reported the assassination attempt to the police and that for that reason there is not even an investigation.  Just like the case of Orouba Barakat (which the Western media first said that she and her daughter were killed (stabbed and strangled) by Syrian regime thugs only to be contradicted by the Turkish police which found the murderer who was a relative who killed them over money), you really can't believe Western media on Syria because they are Pavlovian in regurgitating whatever is posted by Syrian rebels on their social media accounts--fabrications and lies and all.

PS Huffington Post Arabic posted a story on the doubts about the story and implied some money motives.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Why does Israel have to pay for PR in the US (and it does) when papers like the Times provides free propaganda services?

"How Israel Caught Russian Hackers Scouring the World for U.S. Secrets".  And Times learned that from whom? Objective observers of the situation?  And look at the Times how proud: "But the role of Israeli intelligence in uncovering that breach and the Russian hackers’ use of Kaspersky software in the broader search for American secrets have not previously been disclosed."

Antun Saadah and Hasan Nasrallah: On the Jewish question

The recent speech by Hasan Narallah in which he clearly distinguished between his party's hostility to Zionism, and drawing a distinction between hostility to Zionism but not to Judaism generated discussions and debates.  Safiyyah Saadeh, a Lebanese academic and daughter of Antun Saadeh, the founder of the SNNP, wrote this article in which he argues that Antun's writings were misinterpreted and that he did not intend to express hostility to Jews qua Jews.  

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Don't you like continuity in US foreign policy?

Moroccan Tyrannical regime invites former Israeli war minister for a conference: here is how he was met by MPs

Long time Saudi regime propagandist gets an offer to write regularly for the Washington Post

Jamal Khashoggi announced that he received an offer to write regularly for the Washington Post.  He spent a career working as a propagandist for various Saudi princes.  Do you think that a man who devoted a career for serving the propaganda of Bashshar Al-Asad or Iranian regime or Putin would get an offer writing regularly for a US newspaper?

Saudi democracy is too vibrant

A member of the powerless and appointed Saudi Shura council calls for punishing those members who leak "secrets" to the press.  Kid you not.  (thanks Mariam)

This is how the reactionary New York Times summarizes the career of Che Guevara

"After having overseen the firing squads that followed the Communist victory he helped secure in Cuba, and after a stint running the country’s central bank, Guevara suddenly vanished in 1965, sent by Fidel Castro to organize revolutions abroad."  The paper even managed to blame him for the economic crisis in Venezuela today.  Absent from the article are references to CIA-formed militias and death squads which were facing communist guerrillas around the world.  Also, the Cuban revolution was the least bloody revolution, in relative terms.  The regime rarely resorted to executions.  I favorably compare that regime to any of US-supported/armed autoacracies in Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Zaire, UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Morocco, etc.

US versus Russian propaganda on social media and in elections

Is it with a straight face that US newspapers are feigning outrage over allegations of Russian propaganda infiltration of social media? Are the assumptions there that US government would never resort to such methods? And which is more extensive? US or Russian propaganda around the world? US or Russian interferences in elections worldwide?

WP questions the legitimacy of the vote in Catalonia because of the voter turnout. What is the voter turnout in US congressional elections?

"Just 42 percent voted."  In some US Congressional elections, voter turnout is even lower than this.

Syrian civilian casualties of US bombing

Notice that Western media don't even mention Syrian civilian casualties of US bombing in the week when scores were killed by US bombs.  Only Syrian civilian casualties of Russian and Syrian regime bombings are mentioned.

bigotry against Syrians in Lebanon continues--from all sides

"Lebanese actress Anne-Marie Salameh has revealed this week that she was “attacked and almost raped.” Speaking to a local entertainment news site, Salemeh said a man - reported to be a Syrian – scaled her building from the stairwell and entered her apartment while she was sleeping in her bedroom." (thanks Basim)

George Clooney makes a distinction between "high-level" and "low-level" sexual harassment

"This is harassment on a very high level."  He should consult with his lawyer wife if the law makes such a distinction.

Harvey Weistein's first public comments on the scandal

"Oscar-Winning Producer Harvey Weinstein at Algemeiner Gala: ‘I Am Israeli in My Heart and Mind’"

New York Times on the wit of Malala

"Part of the problem? “Some say over pack and some say pack less,” she saidin a follow-up post." haha. Hilarious. How witty.

Suzanne Mubarak's aide wants to lead UNESCO

"Today, who would be better than an Arab Muslim woman, with the necessary qualifications, to speak up against all sorts of radicalism? And this is without taking into account that my country, Egypt, has been at peace in the Middle East for 40 years and can speak with the Israelis and Palestinians,”" (thanks S.)

FBI's Most Wanted Terrorists

They are 29 in total: by my count, all are Muslims except two: one is a white animal rights activist, and the other is a black woman.

The promise of communism among Muslims: revisionism

On this article in the Times:  What revisionism: 1) during the Cold War, Western writers protested the rise of communism and socialism among Muslims; now, they want to complain about why communism failed to prevail among Muslims. 2) absent from this account the role of Western powers in sabotaging and combatting all manifestations of socialism and communism among Muslims. As if the reasons for the lack of success were entirely religiously doctrinal.

The case of Ouroba Barakat: not a single Western newspaper corrected its early stories that they were assassinated by Syrian regime

""I am the one who killed Orouba and Hala Barakat, I admit it. They are both my relatives. Orouba is my father's cousin," Ahmed Baraka told Turkey’s magistrate's court.
"When I was in Syria, my father and my older brother were killed in the war. I decided to escape in order to get rid of the pressure that was exerted on me to join the forces of the Syrian regime," he explained.
"Orouba told me that I could come see her if I'm ever in Turkey. So I came to Turkey illegally and started working with Orouba."
But Ahmed Barakat, who says he regrets the killings, said he was invited to Orouba's house that night to receive his salary after quitting. 
"I went to see her that night (the night of the crime) in her house. In the morning, I asked for my money. She said she gave the money to someone else and she had no money left. I got angry and started yelling at her face. She slapped me so I pushed her," he told the court."  Every singe Western media sources insisted hours after the murder that they were politically assassinated by the regime, although they were killed with knives and strangling.  This story is symptomatic of the unreliability of Western media reporting (from the right to the left) about Syria and its conflict.

Monday, October 09, 2017

American polarization

From the Saudi regime newspaper Um Al-Qura in 1964: about communism and Karl Marx

It reads: A statement from the Minister of Interior (I think Prince Fahd was Minister of Interior then) about those who adhere to the communist principles: "What honors this nation is that God made its constitution Islam and blessed it with holy sites to which the heart of Muslims are directed...And if some deviants want to spew their prisons denouncing the heavenly message which was brought by our prophet the advocacy of a destructive doctrine formed by a Jewish evil doer, the state will see to it that one of its most important obligations is to strike on the hands of those destroyers, out of belief in its religion and in defense of he entity of this Muslim nation against the chaos and blood spilling which are the end of all those who believe in communism."

Christian Jihad Organization

Do you know that a Lebanese right-wing Christian militia was formed in the late 1980s with the name of Christian Jihad Organization?  I don't see any references to it in books except in the book by Antoine Jubayli on the Phalanges Party.  

Netanyahu and his lies: the Fox News interview yesterday

It was quite an interview.  I have never seen a more fawning interview: and by the founder of the tabloid TMZ.  Apparently Trump, who is friends with Levin, arranged for the interview with Netanyahu.  Netanyahu is such a liar that in the course of one hour, he lied blatantly and fundamentally contradicted himself at least twice: at one point, he said that as a child he never thought about the "threats" that Israel faced and the dangers he was in.  Minutes later when asked about when he first started to think about the dangers facing Israel, he said: since I was a child.  Kid you not.  In the hour interview, the word Palestinian was not mentioned once, and the interviewer did not ask anything about them.  They did not exist as far as he was concerned and Netanyahu could not be happier.  When people talk about Netanyahu's father, notice that no one mentions the work that he did for Jobotinsky.  The writings of Jabotinsky are his racialist doctrine (he spoke about the "racial recipe" of nations) are never mentioned in US media.  My wife had told me that I will be upset if I watch it, but it was so ridiculous that it did not even upset me as it usually would.  

Sunday, October 08, 2017

The Sleepover: by KhalidAlBaih

#Khartoon - Sleep Over - after the lifting of the sanctions #Sudan joins the #Trump #Saudi #Israeland #Egypt

Map of Ottoman Lebanon during WWI

Source here.  (thanks Talal)

Egypt and Jews: US and Muslims

There has been a debate about Jews of Egypt on the pages of the lousy Haaretz.  Of course, the debate is among Zionists exclusively.  It started with this article in which the author asserted the truth: that there has been no mass explosion of Jews from Egypt.  This American then responded with a frantic plethora of fabrication and unsubstantiated claims just to make the point.  But the article is ridiculous:It invents facts when no facts exists and typically projects Nazi analogies about Arabs.  Notice he does not mind fudging the issues: nationalization of wealth (affecting not only Jews) become anti-Semitic nationalization: the Cairo fire (which resulted in the fire of many stores) becomes exclusively targeted against Jewish owned stores, and when laws targeted people holding French and British citizenships, it becomes a law that only targeted Jews (when it affected non-Jewish holders of French and British citizenship).  But here is the deal: neither article talk about the Lavon Affair and about how the Zionist occupation state jeopardized the status of Jews in Arab lands in more ways than one: not only by claiming that it is a state for ALL JEWS of the world but also by recruiting among Jews of Egypt (not to mention other cases) for its terrorist Mossad operations. That was not mentioned.  But the author protesting the first article basically admits: that there was no mass expulsion but that the atmosphere became hostile, which I won't deny.  But let us compare the US after Sep. 11: 19 hijackers came from outside the US (and they were not recruited by any official state claiming to represent world Muslims--imagine if this was the case) and perpetrated a terrorist attack which was condemned by world Muslims (except some kooks).  How did the US respond? It unleashed a wave of Islamophobia and blatant hatred of Islam and Muslims from which this country has not recovered: and there were mass arrests and expulsion of innocent Muslims, and contingency plans were discussed for the internment and expulsion of Muslims . I will say this: George W. Bush AND Trump invited Rev. Franklin Graham to officiate during their inauguration, and the man is one of the most repugnant haters of Islam and Muslim in the world. If what Graham says about Muslims and Islam is said about Jews and Judaism, the man would be despised and shunned in every Western country in the world.  Instead, he is treated like a national treasure here and is received as a head of state in Western capitals.  The president of the US today has officially called for a ban on ALL Muslims.  There was no such thing under Nasser of Egypt: the regime never sanctioned an official anti-Semitic movement like there is an anti-Islam movement in the US promoted by many members of Congress (Democrats and Republicans).  So if a Muslim were to leave the US in response to the wave of Islamophobia, would that be considered a mass expulsion of Muslims from the US?  Also, notice that laws affecting Jews in Egypt were passed during the monarchy under the British colonial rule.  Is that not significant?  And most importantly, if there was such a mass explosion of Jews, how come there was always Jews in Egypt even if the numbers became very small?  But let us go back to the analogy of US and Muslims vs. Egypt and Jews: if Sep. 11 terrorism was sanctioned by a state which claims to represent ALL Muslims, would that not have resulted in even more public hostility to Muslims in the US?  

Grotesque Islamohpobia of the Independent Newspaper: Las Vegas shooter and his motives

"Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock had visited the Middle East during a series of cruises, police have revealed. Investigators remain stumped as to Paddock’s motives but said he visited the contentious region on a cruise. The region, where Isis and other jihadi groups have a presence in some areas, may be of interest to security services because of speculation Paddock became radicalised. He also took at least 11 other cruises to other destinations over the last several years, the AP reported."   So he made one port stop in Egypt, and that made him a terrorist serial killer?  (thanks Basim)

Saturday, October 07, 2017

How to "recover" from homosexuality? Egyptian press now mimics the kookiness of US religious right

A story of a man who recovered.

Yet another doctorate for Saudi King

Russia also bestowed honorary doctorates on the Saudi king.  How ironic: one of the most uneducated men in the world has the largest collection of honorary doctorates--and all deserved, I am sure.

I bet you are.

"Oscar-Winning Producer Harvey Weinstein at Algemeiner Gala: ‘I Am Israeli in My Heart and Mind’"

Nicholas Kristof visits North Korea 2

One of the complaints he made about North Korea is that he was offended by its jingoism.  Jingoism? More than US jingoism? Really?

Nicholas Kristof visits North Korea

Basically, he wants more sanctions on North Korea and more threats and more cyber-warfare.  This is American liberalism.  He compares his visit to his visit to Iraq before the US invasion but forgets to tell you that he supported the war then.

Nicholas Kristof has a comprehensive article on North Korea based on empirical research he conducted there

"and this five-day trip".  Now, does a Western journalist need more than five days in a country to become an expert in its affairs really?

Don't you like it when the White Man visits a developing country and assesses the intelligence of the natives? I do

"the students are extraordinarily bright".  Oh, thank you. That is so nice of you.

The Empowerment of women: according to Western donors

"When non-Western women already have strong political identities, their removal is sometimes required even if it involves pushing them back into the very roles from which empowerment was meant to deliver them. In Sri Lanka, a former soldier for the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam told one of my co-authors that she and other ex-fighters were offered classes in cake decorating, hairstyling and sewing. A government official confessed that despite years of training programs, she had never seen any of the women earn a living from these skills. It’s time for a change to the “empowerment” conversation. Development organizations’ programs must be evaluated on the basis of whether they enable women to increase their potential for political mobilization, such that they can create sustainable gender equality. On the global stage, a return to this original model of empowerment requires a moratorium on reducing non-Western women to the circumstances of their victimhood — the rape survivor, the war widow, the child bride. The idea that development goals and agendas should be apolitical must be discarded."

And Tillerson is supposed to be the reasonable one in the administration:

"Tillerson wondered aloud whether the entire effort to improve relations with Iran wasn’t doomed by history. “We have more pounds, and our hair is gray,” he said. “Maybe we don’t have it in our capacity to change the nature of this relationship, because we are bound by it—maybe we leave it to the next generation to try.” He thought for a moment. “I don’t know. I’m not a diplomat.”"

Dexter Fiklins version of US diplomatic history

"The U.S. has given billions of dollars to help expand trade, fight disease, and foster the growth of democracy." Where in the Middle East has the US ever spent a penny to foster the growth of democracy except in countries which are not allies of the US? And even in those countries, the US always opted for reactionary or fascist or right-wing death squads or putschists.

Dexter Filkins writes about Victoria Nuland like she is a model diplomat: she is the one who famously yelled "fuck the EU"

"Typical of those who have left is Victoria Nuland, a thirty-two-year veteran who spent her formative years in Moscow during the collapse of the Soviet Union. Nuland speaks Russian and French; she served in Vice-President Dick Cheney’s office and worked for Secretary of State James Baker under George H. W. Bush; her last job was as Obama’s Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs."

The extent of Saudi Zionism: Abdul-Rahman Al-Rashid

The Zionist advocacy of Saudi regime propagandists and puppets has reached a new level: Saudi regime reliable propagandists for decades, Abdul-Rahman Al-Rashid, writes that all Israeli  wars, massacres, invasions, and assaults since 1973 have been in self-defense, first against the PLO and then against Hizbullah--according to his account.  

Where was the Post when Israel leveled the whole of Gaza? Where was the Post when Gaza children were slaughtered?

"Humbert shared an aerial photo from 2000 showing patterns of walls from atop the mound. The area “was the first city of Palestine to have a city wall,” he said. Now, “the field work you see in the photo is totally destroyed.”" (thanks Basim)

Look at the kind of trash you read in US media: feeling sorry for Israeli pilots for training to bomb Iran (New Yorker)

"I talked to a commander of the [Israeli] Air Force and said how much my heart goes to those young pilots who exercise for this thing and had to fly very long [routes], with refuelling midair and sometimes flying very low. The very exercises were extremely demanding. We did practice, and it could have been done." Are we supposed to read this and say: oh, those poor Israeli pilots who are exhausted from training to bomb Iran?

Friday, October 06, 2017

People are announcing their withdrawal from Twitter in droves in Saudi Arabia and UAE

There is a clear pattern: not only were people pressured, threatened, arrested and coerced over tweets or even silence or reluctant to spew government propaganda on social media: but people (writers, journalists, and academics) are leaving twitter in droves for fear of offending the regimes.

Canadian children's book

"Under the heading Moving Out, the book claims: “When the European settlers arrived, they needed land to live on. The First Nations peoples agreed to move to different areas to make room for the new settlements.” The First Nations peoples moved to reserves, the workbook later notes, “where they could live undisturbed by the hustle and bustle of the settlers”. "

a champion of Hillary Clinton

"In public, he presents himself as a liberal lion, a champion of women and a winner of not just artistic but humanitarian awards. In 2015, the year Ms. O’Connor wrote her memo, his company distributed “The Hunting Ground,” a documentary about campus sexual assault. A longtime Democratic donor, he hosted a fund-raiser for Hillary Clinton in his Manhattan home last year. He employed Malia Obama, the oldest daughter of former President Barack Obama, as an intern this year, and recently helped endow a faculty chair at Rutgers University in Gloria Steinem’s name. During the Sundance Film Festival in January, when Park City, Utah, held its version of nationwide women’s marches, Mr. Weinstein joined the parade." (thanks Amir)

Jewish population in Palestine before Zionism: Simon Schama

"Meanwhile, those who imagine that the Jewish longing for Jerusalem and Zion began in the 20th century, if not as a post-1945 response to the Holocaust, might be shocked to learn that not only was there a substantial Jewish population in Palestine throughout this period – Schama introduces us to the Arabic-speaking Musta’arabi Jews of Safed – but, at intervals, “messianic electrical surges” would pulse through the wider diaspora, “the travelling tribe, telling them they needed to get to Jerusalem asap”.":  If by substantial, you mean some 24,000 Jews versus over 600,000 Arabs.

Harvey Weinstein and Israel

Among his sayings is that he won't ever produce a movie which is opposed to Israel.

Thursday, October 05, 2017

On Human Rights Watch's report on Saudi regime hate speech

I heard from Saudi citizens inside the kingdom. They have major complaints about the report by Human Rights Watch on Saudi regime's hate speech: they said that the organization only focused on Islamists in the kingdom totally ignoring the fact that Saudi liberals are most guilty in the hate speech campaign (see this article by a Saudi regime liberal).  Critics of the report rightly point out that the report basically blamed the weakest element: the religious establishment while totally exonerating the Saudi regime and its liberal establishment inside the kingdom.  One critic said: "the report said 99 correct things but only to promote one falsehood".

In Saudi Arabia you can be arrested for "agitating public opinion"

People were arrested in Saudi Arabia for "agitating public opinion".  Kid you not.

How dare you, North Korea, do this? Don't you know that no one arms Arabs against nuclear-powered Israel?

"Throughout the 1980s, it supplied weapons to left-wing Arab states and pro-Palestinian militant groups and in 1988 declared its support for an independent Palestinian state, despite Israel's territorial claims." (thanks Basim)

US is involved in wars that most Americans are not even aware of: this is Niger

"3 U.S. Troops Killed, 2 Wounded In Ambush In Niger".

When Herbert Marcuse almost posed for Playboy Magazine

"Given his new-found notoriety, it was only natural that Playboy wanted to do an interview with him. According to former student and friend Andrew Feenberg, Playboy had offered Marcuse “a large sum of money” for the interview. After receiving the call, Feenberg recounts, Marcuse considered the proposition carefully. His philosophy was one of radical social equality, which, for him, included a fulsome commitment to gender equality. As such, he decided “it was impossible for him to do it”. Whatever positive effects Playboy had in loosening over-repressive post-war sexual norms, it was part of a process that objectified and commodified women. 
But instead of simply declining the offer, however, Marcuse told Playboy he would do the interview, but “only if he could be the centrefold”. The thought of the reserved old German professor, with his “long white hair”, “broad nose” and “enormous ears” (Michael G. Horowitz’s description) gracing the now iconic centre pages of Playboy in 1970 is definitely a rousing one. Unfortunately, the idea didn’t fly with the magazine."

Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Liberation of women comes to NATO rule in Libya

"Women under the age of 60 have been banned from traveling on their own in an area of eastern Libya under the control of a warlord with extensive ties to the CIA. A Libyan government spokesperson confirmed the new policy to the BBC. He also claimed that women who work for civil society groups and travel abroad are being used by foreign intelligence services."

Gun-related death vs Gun ownership worldwide

Gun-related deaths versus gun-ownership--and I am not for the state--any state--monopoly on gun ownership.

A cartoonist at AlJazira (Saudi regime newspaper) mocks women's weight and refers to their stomachs as airbags

Jalal Talbani, dead

This man expelled in the art of political opportunism more than Walid Jumblat.  His political career took him from the far left (he even worked for the organization of Wadi` Haddad although he often exaggerated his role which never involved more than carrying a suitcase or transferring money) to the very far right.  He started his political career working for the Barazani tribal leadership, only to later revolt against it and start an ostensibly leftist organization which rejected feudal landlords.  But later would unite in it when it suited the interests of his lousy political organization.  He could not be called an Iraqi president when his appointment took place under the foreign occupation of the country.  Both he and Masoud Barazani had the blood of Iraqi kurds on their hands, as thousands were killed in the internecine wars between them.  Here is a story about the murder by Talbani's group of Iraqi communists.  He and Masoud would not mind aligning with Saddam Husayn against his Kurdish rival.  The rule of the two groups in Kurdistan was characterized with repression, massive corruption and subservience to outside powers.  I hated this insistence on being referred to by his nickname, as if he was another Ataturk.  I always felt that he was a good liar, more than typical politicians of his generations.  He posed as a different character depending on his audience.  Kamal Khalaf at-Tawil has a good review of his record--a review which you not read in the Western press.  His picture above summarizes his character. 

Tuesday, October 03, 2017

Some Arab reporters in DC

There are some Arab correspondents in DC who excel in following and mimicking mainstream US journalists in the capital: if they cheer, they cheer with them. If they frown they frown. And if they laugh they laugh with them. And US journalists love to cite them because it is the second best thing to citing oneself. 

Qatari regime and ISIS

It has to be said that Qatari regime media-especially Al-Quds Al-‘Arabi-reports ISIS victories-real or imagined-with great enthusiasm. 

Monday, October 02, 2017

Human Rights Watch isn’t even trying to hide its biases anymore: showing its love for the Jordanian autocracy

Can you imagine a Western human rights organization expressing its love for Iran or Syria or any other autocracy not allied with the US? Can u imagine the uproar? “Expecting better” from Jordanian autocracy? Why? Just because it is allied with Israel?

Sunday, October 01, 2017

Nasrallah's speech against anti-Semitism

Today, Nasrallah gave a speech on the `Ashurah religious occasion and he devoted a part of it to clarify that his party does not harbor any ill-will toward Jews as Jews, and that the hostility is directed toward Zionists.  He also made an unprecedented direct appeal to the Jewish people.  This is unprecedented by any standards of Islamist (or non-Islamist) parties in the region.  I guarantee you that not a single media in the West will report this or will translate the segment of the speech.  Those Zionist shops only invest in translating bigoted trash from the Middle East.