Thursday, July 11, 2013

Superman and Pentagon

Regarding your blog post about Man of Steel, check out this article from a couple of months ago: . It details the creepy relationship between Hollywood and the Pentagon. Also, he references a great book by David Robb (used to be Hollywood reporter) called Operation Hollywood. . A passage I found striking in the article: “In the 1961 Lassie episode “Timmy and the Martians,” Lassie howls to alert Timmy of a plane crash. In the original episode, once the military has re-assembled the plane they discover that a faulty wing had caused a high-pitched vibration which Lassie had detected. When the producers requested military assistance, the Pentagon declined, on the basis that children should not be exposed to the idea that the military makes faulty equipment.” Unbelievable. The Pentagon got them when they were young, and America turned from being the nation that reluctantly entered World War II to the most militaristic Empire in history all supported by its jingoistic population". (thanks Saad)