Sunday, May 24, 2015

Why are the Iranian people so paranoid really?

"Iran is a lonely country where people feel as if they are surrounded by enemies, including the United States." How dumb of the Iranian people. The US as the enemy? Where did they get this crazy idea from?

The New York Times admits: Iran UNLIKE ISRAEL does not censor its correspondents' dispatches

"Q. Has the government of Iran set any limits on what you can and cannot report? — Matthew Doherty, Tewksbury, Mass.

A. Journalists who work here for foreign news media companies are not censored. We are not required to show our articles to the Iranian authorities before we publish them."

Dexter Filkins: is this guy for real?

From a Western journalist in the Middle East: "I doubt Bouthaina Shaaban was coming to the Sheraton “to drink and dance and carouse.”
I doubt he himself “found” dozens of jihadis at the border
the syrian minister of interior is not Muhammad al-Shaara, as filkins writes twice, he is Shaar, and he is not “known for his iron fist,” he is not known for anything in fact, there is no way Filkins ever heard of him
his last point, attempting to make a comparison between the syrian regime and ISIS as if the difference is one between cold war totalitarian or authoritarian regimes is especially stupid given the vast differences that in fact do exist not just between the syrian regime and isis but even the syrian regime and the much more repressive saudi regime
and he closes by saying that at least the syrian regime left palmyra alone, as if otherwise it is identical to isis".

Saudi propagandists in English

Notice this mantra: when they say that Obama disappointed "the Arabs" or that Obama did not respect "the Arabs", they know that we know that they are talking about Arab Gulf potentates but think that we don't notice.  I say this as much as I detest Obama. If anything, Obama (like any other American president) gave too much to those potentates.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

the talk on Yemen in San Francisco

I am speaking tomorrow Sunday, at 2:00PM on the war on Yemen in San Francisco.

U.S. Britain & Canada reject nuclear disarmament so Israel can keep its nukes

"Israel is not a party to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and has never publicly declared what is widely considered to be an extensive nuclear weapons program. A conference might force Israel to acknowledge it. Since adopting a final document requires consensus, the rejection by the United States, backed by Britain and Canada, means the entire blueprint for global nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation for the next five years has been blocked after four weeks of negotiations. The next treaty review conference is in 2020. That has alarmed countries without nuclear weapons, who are increasingly frustrated by what they see as the slow pace of nuclear-armed countries to disarm."

Israeli war criminal minister threatened a first-strike nuke attack on Iran; UN does nothing

"For years, the Israelis have complained about the Islamic republic's incendiary rhetoric, particularly that of former president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. But the underlying reality remains that, of the two, only one country has a nuclear weapon, and that's not Iran."

Akram in Damascus

I have not heard from you in ages. Hope you and your family are safe.

U.S. & U.K. hide their war crimes

"A government that is able to hide its own atrocities on “national security” grounds will be one whose public endlessly focuses on the crimes of others while remaining blissfully unaware of one’s own nation. That is an excellent description of much of the American and British public, and as good an explanation as any why much of their public discourse consists of little more than proclamations that Our Side is Better despite the decades of brutality, aggression and militarism their own side has perpetrated."

Israel's non-secret weapon: the NYT

"Kershner appears to know full well what she’s up to. The current Israeli ruckus over Hezbollah’s alleged fortification of villages is, she surmises, part of an effort “to pre-empt or deflect the inevitable international censure that comes with civilian casualties”. Thanks in part to articles like hers, however, Israel is saved from having to fight this battle alone. The collaborative arrangement hasn’t gone unnoticed by the Israeli newspaper Haaretz, which ran the recent headline: “Israel’s secret weapon in the war against Hezbollah: The New York Times.” " (thanks Amir)

Do you notice?

US embassies in the Middle East officially protest to the host governments whenever they spot any anti-Jewish references in the local press. Yet, they never ever protest the avalanche of anti-Shi`ite and anti-`Alawite and even anti-Christian manifestations of hatred in the local press.

About the bombing of the Shi`ite mosque in Saudi Arabia

In a spontaneous procession, a brave Saudi covers his head with a box which shows the visages of sectarian Wahhabi clerics and the names of Saudi TV stations dedicated to sectarian hatred of Shi`ites (the TV stations here are both owned by Prince `Abdul-`Aziz bin Fahd).

The grotesque Nation magazine's legacy of Zionism

"Quoting from her own response to the Radoshes’ article, vanden Heuvel added, “When Kirchwey was writing, Israel was fighting for its survival; it was not engaged in a self-destructive occupation that even Israeli conservatives believe will eventually undermine its character and security.”"

Women are mere pudenda for the Gulf royals

Look at this tweet: "@MBZNews 2h2 hours ago

Mohammed bin Rashid, Mohamed bin Zayed attend the wedding reception of Ahmed Saif Al Mansouri & daughter of Essa Kharbash at Zabeel, Dubai"

Notice he named the groom but not the bride because women are pudenda who are best represented by male members of the family.

lies of the media of House of Saud: Al-Hayat

This headline from Al-Hayat, the mouthpiece of Prince Khalid bin Sultan, says (about his interview with Atlantic Monthly: "Obama: Our relationship with Gulf states will be impacted if they develop a nuclear program".  In the interview, Obama was very clear and specific and he was talking only about the House of Saud when he said: "Their covert—presumably—pursuit of a nuclear program would greatly strain the relationship they’ve got with the United States".

Cherif Bassiouni: from Bahrain dictatorship to Israeli apartheid

It is a consistent rode for Bassioni: from Bahraini dictatorship in his whitewash royal report there to series of lectures at Israeli universities.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Karl Marx on the Economist magazine

Karl Marx, in Capital Volume I on the  Economist magazine: "Between 1849 and 1859, a rise of wages practically insignificant, though accompanied by falling prices of corn, took place in the English agricultural districts... Everywhere the farmers where howling, and the London Economist, with reference to these starvation wages, prattled quite seriously of 'a general and substantial advance' What did the farmers do now? Did they wait until, in consequence of this brilliant remuneration, the agricultural laborers had so increased and multiplied that their wages must fall again, as prescribed by the dogmatic economic brain? They introduced more machinery, and in a moment the laborers were redundant again in a proportion satisfactory even to the farmers.""

Rev. Graham is both: anti-Muslim and anti- Semite but Zionists forgivehim for his support of Israel

Read hereu 

Obama's lies about Palestine

A Moroccan TV station refers to the "war of aggression on Yemen": the anchorwoman was fired

were carried in trucks accompanied by state intelligence agency (MIT) officials more than a year ago to parts of Syria under Islamist control

"Testimony from gendarmerie officers in court documents reviewed by Reuters allege that rocket parts, ammunition and semi-finished mortar shells were carried in trucks accompanied by state intelligence agency (MIT) officials more than a year ago to parts of Syria under Islamist control." "The document also cites truck driver Lutfi Karakaya as saying he had twice carried the same shipment and delivered it to a field around 200 meters beyond a military outpost in Reyhanli, a stone's throw from Syria. The court order for Karakaya's arrest, seen by Reuters, cited a police investigation which said that the weapons parts seized that day were destined for "a camp used by the al Qaeda terrorist organization on the Syrian border"."

So what do the "Friends of Syria" really want? From a US intelligence document (under FOIA)

C. If the situation unravels there is the possibility of establishing a declared or undeclared Salafist principality in Eastern Syria (Hasaka and Der Zor), and this is exactly what the supporting powers to the opposition want, [Document 14-L-0552/DIA/291]

U.S. to send more bombs to Israel to be dropped on Palestinian people

"Israel will receive a supply of precision-guided munitions consisting of 750 bunker buster bombs, 3,000 Hellfire missiles, 250 medium-range air-to-air missiles and 4,100 glide bombs, in a deal worth $1.879 billion. In addition, the package includes 14,500 missile guidance systems — known as tail kits for Joint Direct Attack Munitions — which convert unguided bombs into GPS guided missiles." (thanks Amir)

British colonial rule still is alive in the Gulf today

"The move is part of a modest expansion of British military readiness in the region. In 2013 the Royal Air Force established an air transport and refuelling hub in the United Arab Emirates. Home to the United States' Fifth Fleet, Bahrain is a strategic bulwark for Western interest in the energy-rich Gulf." "The case shows how alive the history of British colonial rule still is in the Gulf today," she added. Britain first signed a treaty with the Sunni Muslim Al Khalifa family in Bahrain in 1820 and their relationship has remained strong for decades after the end of its protectorate."

Saudis on twitter

Whether in the puff Economist piece on Saudi Arabia or in other Western media outlets, there is a silly assumptions that Saudi tweets are reflective of Saudi public opinion. Don't they know that tweets that disapprove of the government, even mildly, can cause a person to go to jail or be whipped or even be killed?

From Latakia

This Syrian reader from Latakia sent me this touching tribute.

So what does the Saudi dictatorship have to do to please the Economist magazine?

"For King Salman and his heirs to make Saudi Arabia a credible leader they must reform its economy."  So repression and violence don't bother the Economist.

The Economist puff piece on Saudi Arabia

"Even the most downtrodden, such as the suppressed minority Shia in the east or the activists locked up simply for calling for reform, think they are better off than they would be in Syria or Libya." As someone who communicates regularly with Saudi dissidents, in Qatif and elsewhere, I can tell you categorically that I have not ever encountered more bitter antipathy to House of Saudi than among the people of the Eastern province.

Saudi budgeting

Saudi sectarian hashtag

Regarding the bombing of the mosque in Saudi Arabia, a sectarian hashtag spreads to describe the bombing:

This Wahhabi clerical elite met and supported the wars of Saudi regime

The Daily Beast educates readers about Muslims

"Aren’t Muslims supposed to kill gays?"

The Bin Laden books and documents

Shouldn't all reports about the Bin Laden books and documents carry a disclaimer to the effect that: "all those documents and books have been released and approved by the US government, and it is possible that other documents that may be damaging to the US government have been suppressed"?

Palestine flag over the fortress of Sidon

I am relocating to Saudi Arabia

"The government guarantees freedom of expression and opposes discrimination, said Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman on Wednesday."

Arab politics in few American words

"CHRIS MATTHEWS, HOST:  In the Arab world, there`s Sunni and there`s Shia, you know, and there`s Kurds, I guess. And that`s it.  And so who`s fighting now who? The only people that will take on the Sunni ISIS crowd are the Shia, who hate the Sunni. " (thanks Basim)

The Judicial Watch documents of US intelligence on Libya: how the US knew about the shipments of arms to Syrian Al-Qa`idah

Comrade Amer writes about the Judicial Watch US intelligence documents revealing that the US knew all along that the Syrian rebels are made of Islamists (this is from 2012): that is when the US government publicly talked about the dominance of "moderate Syrian rebels". The US seems to have approved arms shipments from Libyan Islamist terrorists to the Syrian Islamist terrorists, and even of the likely rise of Islamist Jihadi threat in Iraq.  See this document in English.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

There is no worse conspiracy

From Fred: "Is there a potato conspiracy in Turkey?"

The resolution would enshrine the Zionist and segregationist principle of “two states for two peoples

"France’s Le Figaro has obtained the text of a draft UN Security Council resolution that the Hollande administration plans to introduce sometime before September. The resolution should be seen as the international counterpart to France’s increasingly fierce crackdown on Palestine solidarity at home under the guise of fighting anti-Semitism. The resolution would enshrine the Zionist and segregationist principle of “two states for two peoples.”

"Nobel laureate's silence on the genocide of Rohingyas is tantamount to complicity"

"In a genocide silence is complicity, and so it is with Aung San Suu Kyi and Burma’s desperate Rohingya community. The Burmese government’s ongoing persecution of the Rohingya has, in the last two years, reached a level so untenable that the Rohingya are faced with only two options, to remain and risk annihilation or flee. The current exodus of those seeking asylum is just one manifestation of genocide." "She once held enormous moral and political capital and had the chance to challenge the vile racism and Islamophobia which characterises Burmese political and social discourse. Many Burmese human rights activists and their followers would have listened, may have learned, and may have begun to question the institutionalised racism which impacts negatively on all Burmese. This was never to be on Aung San Suu Kyi’s political agenda."

The interview with Obama in the Atlantic

Basically, Obama added another contribution to the revised definition of anti-Semitism: anyone who does not agree to the Zionist occupation of Palestine is an anti-Semite--according to Obama.

Flash: this is the first public threat that the US has ever issued to Saudi regime

"Their covert—presumably—pursuit of a nuclear program would greatly strain the relationship they’ve got with the United States."

U.S. lawmakers give support to Saudi Arabia to show their love of human rights

From Amir: ""A growing chorus of Republican politicians are demanding that President Barack Obama respect and follow the agenda of Saudi Arabia, a country known for its export of Sunni extremist beliefs, brutal executions of petty criminals and religious heretics, and suppression of women’s rights."

"Saudi Arabia is advertising for eight new executioners, recruiting extra staff to carry out an increasing number of death sentences, usually done by public beheading."

Syrian "revolution"

Several rebel groups demonstrate in Aleppo and demand an Islamic state.  Do people remember when various Western correspondents in Beirut (and Zionists in DC) were reassuring the world that the rebel groups are intent on forming a secular republic in Syria?

Anne Barnard is worried. The question, Anne: are there no "wrong hands" in Syria at all?