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There was no Hamas in the 1940s

"Ruins of the Semiramis Hotel, located in the Palestinian residential quarter of Bak'a in West Jerusalem. On 5 January 1948, the day after members of the Haganah blew up the hotel, killing twenty civilian guests including women and children".

I bet you my toes that Queen Youtube does not know what dystopia mean before she read it in the piece prepeared for her

Jordanians are wondering where there King is, and there are a lot of rumors about his health.  Dissident Layth Shubaylat wrote an open letter to the prime minister about that.  Today, the Queen youtube returned from her long vacation and tried to feign concern for Gaza.

Donations for Gaza: MECA

If you want to donate to Gaza, this one is "permissible" under US laws.

Palestinians in Al-Aqsa refuse aid from UAE

So the UAE was forced to transfer the aid to UNRWA. (thanks Diana)

I don't usually agree with him but...

Kenneth Roth (@KenRoth)

7/23/14, 9:49 PM
Cheap excuse. There were no "human shields" when Israel targeted boys on beach, attacked hospital, killed 25 in house

Dershowitz settles the matter: media coverage of Palestinian deaths is anti-Semitic

"“But a few dozen Palestinians were killed and the body count was prominent.”" (thanks Bailey)

Palestinaians are not all Hamas but...

So what if they are? Who are you, enemies of the Palestinian people, to tell Palestinians who to choose as their leaders? I know, I know that you favor Palestinian collaborators and Israeli informers as the preferred leaders of the Palestinians but do you think Palestinians will listen to you? And what about Israeli choices where the political spectrum now runs from extreme fascist to mainstream fascist.

All what you, war criminals, have done to our people is registerd in notebooks

Displaced Palestinians from Beit Hanoun sleep inside the UNRWA school in Jabalia, July 23, 2014.

Hamas rockets and "Israeli civilian population centers"

In Israeli war propaganda--the only propaganda that is allowed to prevail in US coverage of Arab-Israeli issues--it is basically (falsely) claimed that Hamas announces its intention to target Israeli population centers when Hamas and other resistance groups in Gaza today states military targets. You won't read tomorrow that Hamas today declared its targets as an "intelligence center".

Senate Democrats and Israel

"Democrats are daring Republicans to oppose a border bill that includes aid to Israel during its increasingly heated conflict with Hamas.

As the simmering battle in Gaza reached its boiling point last week, the Israeli government turned to its strongest ally: The United States. And the White House was happy to oblige, relaying a request to Senate Democrats late last week to ask for more money for Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense program, according to congressional sources familiar with the request.  On Tuesday, Senate Democrats responded by slipping $225 million into its emergency funding package for the migrant crisis at the border, demonstrating the political might of Israel and putting pressure on the GOP in one fell swoop." (thanks Michele)

Bahraini youth gathered in front of the US Fifth Fleet in solidarity with Gaza

From a comrade in Bahrain: "Yesterday a group of Bahraini youth gathered in front of the Bahrain-based US naval Fifth Fleet to express our outrage at the ongoing slaughter of the Palestinians. Addressing the Americans, our banner read: "you are complicit."

Since our protest is clearly illegal (the government wouldn't grant anyone a permit to protest anywhere in Manama, let alone this no-go zone), we chose not to publicize it, and hence our relatively small number (there was around 25 of us). Within 20 minutes the police showed up and asked us to leave. They also took a few of us in for questioning.

Here's a video of one of us reading our statement, which we've delivered to the Fifth Fleet:

The text of our statement can be found below and a couple of photos in the attachment. You may circulate these materials if you like."

Where does FSA store its weapons by the way?

From Alfred: "BTW, the US recently gave a half a billion dollars worth of weapons to the "FSA". Where are those weapons stored? In the skies?"

Zionist dictionary

"There is a standard script for how to deal with Palestinian casualties. After Israel killed four boys on the Gaza beach on July 16, the U.S. establishment media fell in line behind Israel's PR framework: acknowledge the tragedy but blame Hamas." "This framework, developed in 2009, can be found in The Israel Project's 2009 Global Language Dictionary. The Orwellian manual provides a detailed outline on how to "communicate effectively in support of Israel." (thanks Amir)

Hamas rockets

"In the World War II bombings in London, the warheads were much larger than those used by Hamas, carrying about 2,000 pounds of explosives; in the Gulf War of 1991, SCUD warheads were also much larger, about 500 pounds each. In the case of the recent artillery rocket attacks against Israel, the overwhelming number of artillery rocket warheads are in the 10- to 20-pound range. These small warhead sizes make early warning and protective sheltering even more effective, because the smaller warheads are very unlikely to penetrate or destroy a shelter."

Demonstrations for Gaza in London:

From comrade Asa: "Regarding your blog post about LA: I also saw that phenomenon in London, although in a less direct way. There were both Syrian rebel and Hizballah flags (although I personally saw more of the latter -- despite the fact that the British government has proscribed the armed wing of Hizballah as a "terrorist" organisation)."

Mershheimer and Walt

I really believe that the thesis of Mershheimer and Walt is increasingly being validated.  The FAA story yesterday and the role of AIPAC warrants a special study.

Will there be hearings in US Congress about Israeli genocidal calls?

"Right-wing rabbi’s ruling: Israel may totally destroy Gaza if necessary".

Israeli terrorists killed those children

From Gaza

Stories of Gaza.

the Israeli lie and the truth:

The Israeli lie
The truth

Is this guy morally responsible or what? (He is the official spokesperson of UNRWA)

 Chris Gunness ‏@ChrisGunness

"Precise co-ordinates of the UNRWA shelter in Beit Hanoun had been formally given to the Israeli army RT"


From Tarek: "This is with regards to your blog post: A French Politician asks:
It seems that the Twitter account was fake:

American public safety and the Israeli lobby

The pressures on the FAA yesterday but loyal soldiers of the Israeli lobby in US Congress AND the US administration prove that the PR interests of the state of Israel far supersede the safety of the American travelers.

Arabs know

The US government is a full partner in the Israeli war on Gaza.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

You can't accuse the New York Times of insensitivity to the plight of young people in the Gaza conflict

"Youth Group Stuck in Israel After Flights Are Halted".  Those poor people. I can't believe international media are covering dead Palestinian children when those poor people are suffering more.

in passing

"In Nazareth, thousands of Israeli Arab demonstrators protested on Monday in solidarity with Gaza and clashed with the police. Fifteen protesters were arrested."

Nothing appealed to this terorrist until he joined the terrorist organization

"But after high school, friends said, Mr. Steinberg spent a couple of aimless years attending classes at a college near his home in Los Angeles and working odd jobs. When he arrived in Israel in the summer of 2012, however, he seemed instantly to find his purpose. "

Who speaks for the Palestinians? Israelis of course--at least in the New York Times

This is hilarious.  The Palestinian here speaks: "“Ever since the beginning of the attack in Gaza he has become for a large number of Palestinians a persona non grata, somebody that is not relevant,” Hamed Qawasmeh, a Palestinian activist in the West Bank city of Hebron, said of President Abbas. “As a Palestinian street, now everybody is just talking about the resistance — Hamas, Hamas.” But then the New York Times did not like what he had to say, so they asked an Israeli to speak on his own behalf:  "But Shlomo Brom, director of the program on Israeli-Palestinian relations at Tel Aviv University’s Institute for National Security Studies, said that Mr. Abbas’s role — based on the pact his Palestine Liberation Organization signed with Hamas in April — is the most promising path to lasting change in Gaza."

The Washington Post can't get to call Palestinians Palestinians

"More than 560 people in Gaza, many of them women and children, have been killed"

Their mourners and ours

Look. Israeli mourners of terrorist soldiers get far more coverage in the Times than mourners of Palestinian children.

Serving in Israeli terrorist organization

"Israelis older than 18 are required to serve in their military, so young Americans living in the country with dual citizenship must do so as well. Being conscripted or volunteering for service isn’t illegal under U.S. law." Excuse me? You are telling me that an Arab-American who fights for the Syrian or Hamas Hizbullah or even Egyptian army won't be prosecuted by the US government?

An American "liberal" columnist explains the entire Arab Israeli conflict in simple terms

" In time, Israel could be surrounded by states that would make Hamas seem the soul of moderation. It does not, after all, go in for beheadings and such." 

And yet, the Democratic Party members of Congress are indistinguishable from Republicans on Israel

"But below the surface, America’s Israel-friendly consensus is splitting along the same left-vs.-right fault line that has polarized so many other issues. While support for Israel is overwhelming among Republicans and conservatives, it has been shrinking among Democrats and liberals. “The partisan gap in Mideast sympathies has never been wider,” reports Pew, with 73 percent of Republicans sympathetic to Israel in the ongoing conflict, but just 44 percent of Democrats. Respondents identifying as liberal Democrats were five times as likely as conservative Republicans to sympathize more with the Palestinians. " (thanks Michele)

Not a story for US media

"Israeli rabbi: It’s okay to kill innocent civilians and destroy Gaza"

You know where tunnels were also used??

Warsaw Ghetto

Israeli terrorism

"One can say many things about a military operation that results in more than 75 percent of the dead being civilians, many of them children, aimed at a population trapped in a tiny area with no escape. The claim that there is no intent to kill civilians but rather an intent to protect them is most assuredly not among them. Even stalwart Israel supporter Thomas Friedman has previously acknowledged that Israeli assaults on Lebanon, and possibly in Gaza, are intended "to inflict substantial property damage and collateral casualties"  (thanks Amir)

Israel hits a building where it had urged people to take shelter

Kenneth Roth (@KenRoth)

7/22/14, 8:53 PM
#Israel hits 8-story downtown #Gaza City building where it had urged people to take shelter. It collapses, 13 killed.

The US and Iraq

"The criterion is the same as it has always been for Iraq: Someone who can satisfy U.S. interests however defined. U.S. officials now claim to be unsatisfied with the person that they handpicked for the job, but their real concern is merely that Maliki is more beholden to another foreign country – Iran – rather than to the United States. Performance of state institutions only matters to the United States insofar as it affects its key interests, which have nothing to do with the interests of Iraqis."

Apparently, Syrian regime opponents and supporters also demonstrated for Gaza side-by-side in LA

More children than fighters killed in Gaza

"Israel's offensive in Gaza has 'killed more children than fighters', say human rights groups"

The children in Gaza in shelters

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"America's Israeli Jihadists"

"But in today's America, the support for Israel's oppression of Palestinians is institutional. There will be no closing of US-based charities and NGO's that openly raise tax-free money for Israeli settlers. The IRS will continue to allow this indirect subsidy for hostile activities in contravention of stated US foreign policy (you know, "they're an obstacle to peace"). There will be no effort to "de-radicalize" America's foreign fighters for Israel when they come home. On the contrary, they might even stand a chance of becoming civil servants or elected officials in positions of authority where they can secrete their bias into US policies."

FAA is declared to be anti-Semitic: it is official now

"AIPAC says it's concerned by FAA decision to ban all US commercial flights to Ben Gurion."

Palestinians in Al-Aqsa refuse to accept food donations from UAE

Defenders of Al-Aqsa refuse to touch food donations from UAE government in protest against its complicity in the Israeli war on Gaza.

supporters and opponents of the Syrian regime demonstrate side-by-side for Gaza in Sweden