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Elements of Weakness in the Israeli Project

My weekly article in Al-Akhbar: "Elements of Weakness in the Israeli Project".

Evacuate to where?

Israel's style of propaganda

(thanks Nadya)

Who does NOT belong in our camp

All ethnic and religious haters don't belong to our pro-Palestinian camps.  All Nazis and anti-Semites and racists have no place in the pro-Palestinian movement.  They are and should be rejected always. Take your garbage elsewhere

Amos Oz: on Palestinian characters in his novels

From a reader: "On Amos Oz
He’ll try to deny – what are his options? Telling the truth is not what he’s best at.
I encountered Amos Oz in the early 90’s at a Hillel meet and greet.
After the superficial accolades, we were able to interact.
My friend and I asked him why he didn’t develop any nuanced Palestinian characters. He replied that since he doesn’t know any Arabs in the bedroom (of course, in his world, Arabs could not be Jews), he couldn’t include them as complete characters or people in his writing. That’s the level at which he functioned, and possibly the one at which he continues to operate. Quite revolting."

One of the many widows of King Fahd protesting against Israel in London

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Saudi police

"Wiping another Country off the Map: Israel does it to Palestine"

"But after the last three weeks it is clear, in any case, who is in the business of actually wiping other countries off the map. The RT report below shows UN aerial photos showing entire neighborhoods in Gaza razed by the Israeli military. Over 5,000 building have been destroyed and over 26,000 have been damaged. This is a significant proportion of Gaza’s housing stock, and the Israelis want to make sure that the damage cannot be repaired. As the Gandolfo article makes clear, water sewage treatment plants aren’t working because the Israelis bombed the power station (this was deliberate; they knew exactly where it was). Babies have died in Gaza hospitals because their incubators ceased functioning. "

Defaming Ali Abunimah

Zionist hoodlum and Bush speechwriter (being a Bush speechwriter is like being hired as a feminist consultant by Saudi King), David Frum defames Ali Abunimah and refers to him as ""one of the biggest supporters of Hamas in American journalism."" This would not be the first lie uttered by From this week.  He admitted he lied the the first time, and he should take back his second lie.  I know that comrade Electronic Ali and Electronic Intifada are doing a great job in challenging Zionist propaganda but the response should not be at the expense of the truth. 

Giving Israel Money Is ‘Like Sending Money to the Klan’

"Acclaimed producer and musical artist Brian Eno has written a letter accusing Israel of ethnic cleansing and asking why the United States would continue to support what he considers “a ragingly racist theocracy.”" (thanks Michele)

Bernard Henri-Levy

"When asked whether a military force should be stationed in Palestine to defend its civilians, he admired Israel's inherent humanity."

Who is fighting whom in Libya?

An astute Libyan student who lives in Tripoli explained to me: who is fighting whom in Libya? On the one side, there are the armies of Al-Qa`idah and the Muslim Brothers. They work side-by-side with support from Qatar.  On the other side, there is the army of US covert operations (Khalifah Haftar), the forces loyal to Qadhdhafi (kid you not) and other tribal forces which get support from Western governments and Saudi Arabia.  Memorably, both sides stopped the fighting briefly to allow the evacuation of US staff from the embassy.  Kid you not.

Libya? What is Libya?

"France's current Socialist president, François Hollande, does not even mention Libya, and nor does Barack Obama."

Exploitation of Syrian refugees in Lebanon

"A landowner ordered refugee women working on his land to wear tighter clothes, said one woman. Eight women, earning $2.60 a day, were fired when they refused, she said. "They all have children to feed," she sighed. Many of the women said they were sexually harassed by men distributing aid from charities." (thanks Amir)

Amos Oz changes his mind

"An earlier version of this interview indicated that Amos Oz' relative had been liberated by American soldiers. Mr. Oz later corrected himself, explaining that Soviet soldiers had been responsible."  He later said it was Israeli soldiers who "liberated" his relative.

Amos Oz: the man of war and aggression

"Are you among the 85 percent of Israelis who want the offensive to continue until the strategic goals of destroying the tunnels and rockets are reached?

The only alternative to continuing the Israeli military operation is simply to follow Jesus Christ and turn the other cheek. I never agreed with Jesus Christ about the need to turn the other cheek to an enemy. Unlike European pacifists I never believed the ultimate evil in the world is war."

This does NOT get reported in US media

"(This week the Knesset banned an Arab member, Haneen Zoabi, for six months for “aggressive behaviour” in anti-war demonstrations.) It is now pondering a more active approach abroad, too. After the anti-Israel protests and attacks on Jews, the Knesset summoned European diplomats. “If European countries fail to protect Jews within their territory, the state of Israel will,” said Israel Hasson, a parliamentarian and former deputy head of the Shin Bet, Israel’s internal intelligence agency."

Why academic boycott of Israel is a moral imperative

" the government has co-opted universities to its war effort. Several have established “war rooms” with banks of computers where student volunteers use army talking-points to rebut social-media attacks."

Search: how many US media reported that Israeli terrorist kidnapped an innocent Lebanese shepherd only TWO DAYS AGO?

"Israel kidnaps Lebanese shepherd in south".

When your conscience is stirred

Hundreds of innocent Palestinians have been kidnapped in the last several weeks and not a single word from the UN or the US, but one Israeli occupation terrorist was captured and you raise such a hue and cry and make it as if it is the worst disturbance of international order since Hitler's armies crossed the German border?

One member of Congress voted against a pro-Israel bill: ONE

"in March a new congressman, Thomas Massie of Kentucky, even voted against a bill to name Israel an American strategic partner. The bill passed, 410 to 1." And he is Tea Party.

ADL claims that there are 165 million anti-Semites in Europe

"A survey released this year by the Anti-Defamation League said 34% of eastern Europeans and 24% of western Europeans harboured anti-Semitic views—implying that the continent houses 165m Jew-haters. "

Who insults the memory of the victims of Holocaust more than such a propagandist?

"“They pursue the Jews in the streets of Berlin . . . as if we were in 1938,” Yakov Hadas-Handelsman, the Israeli ambassador to Germany, recently wrote in the Berliner Zeitung newspaper."  If you compare Germany in 2014 to Nazi Germany you can either be anti-Semite or somebody who is ignorant of Nazi crimes, or both. There is no third alternative.

Israel's dilemma

Here is the dilemma of Israel: they can buy and influence every member of US Congress but they have no control over the millions tweeting against Israel around the world.  The lobby is effective on elites but not on masses and multitudes.

The conduct of Israel

I reproduce here the words of comrade Amer Mohsen about Shuja`iyyah massacre which I had cited before: "The horrible massacre against the people of Shuja`iyyah was a manifestation of Israel frenzy after the attack.  And killing civilians is easy and when the resistance becomes able to kill civilians with the same ease--and it is a matter of time--you shall see how the conduct of Israel will change."

Image of Israel around the world

Threats to freedom of speech in Israel never get attention in US media

"Israeli singer-songwriter Rona Kenan canceled a performance that was supposed to take place Thursday evening in Haifa over fears for her life.

Over the past two weeks, various anonymous Facebook pages have been opened calling for a boycott of Kenan’s show over a claim that the singer “held a moment of silence for [Palestinian] martyrs” at an event that took place two years ago. Kenan vehemently denied the claim at the time.

Kenan’s public relations representative said her performance at the Turkish market in Haifa was canceled over “inciting messages, threats against her and slander over the past week via social media.” "

no offense intended?

"The Israeli embassy in Dublin said there was no intention to cause insult or offence to anyone over controversial images that appeared on its official Twitter feed, including one of the statue of Molly Malone wearing a Muslim headscarf, last Friday." This is akin to Nazi claiming that they intended no offense with their anti-semitism.

A contrast in the Washington Post about Gaza

This was yesterday front page of the Washington Post.  To the left there is an article in which it is being suggested that the activism for Palestine in Germany echoes the Nazi past, to the right there is an article on Gaza.  This is considered "balance" in US media.

PS It is true that there has been a few disgusting anti-Semitic chants in some of the demonstrations in France and Germany, but those kooks who utter those chants don't represent the organized political movement of the Palestinians, whether in the Arab world or in the West.  Those fringe loony haters dont speak for the organized support for Palestine. 

White House standards

People are noting on social media in Arabic and other languages: the arrest of one Israeli terrorist soldier is barbaric but the kidnapping and murder by Israel of Palestinian women and children is not?

One of the worst propagnadists for Israel: Amos Oz thinks that you can't avoid killing Palestinian women and children

This man is beloved by American liberals although he never miss an opportunity to express pride in his participation in Israeli terrorist war on Arab civilians.  He comments on Gaza and says: "Well, I am afraid that there can be no way in the world to avoid civilian casualties among the Palestinians".

This Israeli writer is quite clear

"we cannot stop this war until they unconditionally surrender, even if it means making the war more horrific for the people of Gaza". Notice how much this writer among others in Israel invoke holy texts in their calls for war and murder and yet there are no expressions of outrage the way people express outrage at Islamic holy texts used by Bin Ladenites in their murders.

This Isareli blogger called for genocide: later his post was removed

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This post was later removed.

Unexploded rocket dropped by Israeli terrorists

  Is this a more civilized version of the barrel bomb, although this one is ten times more devastating? 

Muhammad Ad-Dayf

You probably remember that a few days ago I mentioned that the rare statement by Qassam commander, Muhammad Ad-Dayf, stated that his group has decided to target only soldiers and not civilians.  I predicted that the New York Times and other media would distort his words.  I was wrong: all US media, to my knowledge, ignored his statement altogether although it has a great news value because he rarely if ever speaks.

The one Middle East censor beloved by US journalists

@cpjmena: Israel's military censor informs NY Times that further info on kidnapped soldier must be submitted for prior review

An occupation soldier arrested

The White House described the arrest of an Israeli occupation terrorist to be a "barbaric act".  Western media describe the act as "kidnapping".  When you are under occupation, and a terrorist soldier is "removed" from battle by the occupied it is considered a heroic act.  What is barbaric, of course, is the war on women and children that is waged by the terrorist Israeli army. 

Thursday, July 31, 2014

tunnels in the American civil war

"On this day, Pennsylvania troops begin digging a tunnel toward the Rebels at Petersburg, Virginia, in order to blow a hole in the Confederate lines and break the stalemate." Were those terror tunnels as well?

Inspiration of ISIS

People didn't notice, or noticed but did not want to mention for obvious reasons: but ISIS on Twitter a few days ago explained their practices of destroying tombs of prophets. They said that Muhammad Ibn `Abdul-Wahab had done that.  How many times do we have to tell you that the inspiration for those fanatics come from the ideology of the regime you most like in the Middle East--after Israel.

Did you say "Israeli peace camp"?

"Even some of the veteran activists in what is known as Israel’s “peace camp” have declined to speak out against the prime minister or the war."

So does the US condemn Israeli shelling of civilians?

"QUESTION: When you say that you condemn the shelling, whose shelling are we talking about here?
MS. HARF: Well, we understand that UNRWA has put out a statement on its views. We would underscore the importance of a full and prompt investigation to determine the facts here.
QUESTION: So you are not ready to condemn Israel per se for the shelling of the school.
MS. HARF: Correct. We have said that there needs to be a full investigation to see what happened here.
QUESTION: But you’re condemning whoever it was that did it.
MS. HARF: Correct. That’s correct." (thanks Marc)

I know that American correspondents are just waiting and hoping for Palestinians to erupt in anti-resistance sentiments but

He is transporting his child to a hospital and chanting for resistance.  Just like American correspondents were predicting that Hizbullah was finished in 2006 after the war--hell, Saudi and Hariri journalists assured them of that.

Yet, funerals of the Israelis are the only ones allowed in US press

Tweet and delete

"On Gaza, celebrity courage — and cowardice — over social media"

Don't think that the French press is any better: "Ils Pratiquent la Taqiya"

From Jérôme in France: "I know that you find quite entertaining that alleged Hizbullah commanders and leaders regularly give discrediting information about their groups to their most vocal journalist opponents.

A French "specialist" who is neither a scholar nor a journalist wrote a book claiming that he met the amir of AQ in France (!) who revealed him all his organisation's secret plans for France.

There is an interview of him there:

According to him, "Al-Qaida possède une structure quasiment parfaite dans notre pays avec des armes et des agents qui exploitent les failles de notre système et contournent ses forces pour s'y infiltrer sans éveiller les soupçons"

Even better, all Muslims are potentially suspects. If a Muslim is not practising, he could as well be part of this machiavelic plan:

"Ils pratiquent la Taqiya, l'art de la dissimulation. Ils mènent une vie discrète, "normale". Les célibataires doivent se marier, à une femme arabe, qui travaille, mais qui ne portera jamais le voile. Lui ne porte ni la barbe ni la djellaba. Leurs enfants doivent fréquenter de bonnes écoles. L'agent est encouragé à éviter les contacts au sein de sa propre communauté, à dénigrer, si besoin, publiquement l'islam radical."

The guy is invited everywhere and nobody questions his credentials. We're just expected to take everything at face value..."