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They live in this small store because Israeli terrorists destroyed their homes and killed their families

Shujaiyeh had about 100,000 Palestinian inhabitants

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Make no mistake about it. It is the logic (and dialectic) of history--and future. There will come a day when Palestinians will do to Israelis what Israelis have done to Palestinians.  

Palestinian Children Tortured, Used As Shields By Israel, UN Says

"Palestinian Children Tortured, Used As Shields By Israel, UN Says"

Israeli flag on fire in Suez in Egypt NOW

inspiring: the new Arab generation

I wrote this in Arabic but wish to write it hear for those Arabs in the diaspora who don't read Arabic: the new Arab generation (and from all Arab states) have done a great job in social media in support of Gaza. They are responsible for tipping the balance in the coverage against the Israeli war criminals.  Keep it up, non-stop, because Israeli aggression is non-stop.

In numbers

They were killed while killing children

And the American media could not be prouder of them.  Imagine if this story begin thus: Ahmad so and so and Basim so and so grew up in America and had a passion for Palestine.  Their love of that nation led both to join Hamas and fight against Israeli occupation in Gaza."  Can you imagine.  Look at this actual trashy intro:  "Max Steinberg and Nissim Sean Carmeli grew up in America and had a passion for Israel. Their love of that nation led both to join the Israel Defense Forces and fight against Hamas in Gaza Strip, where they were killed Sunday." (thanks Khaled)

The breakdown

The cult of Abu `Ubaydah

I have written this week that the Qassam spokesperson, Abu `Ubaydah, is probably the most popular Arab these days. This shows a t-shirt (with the caption "I am with the resistance") and a cologne by the name of Abu `Ubaydah.  This is a classic rule in Arab politics: the more you are demonized by Israel, the more popular you are, and vice versa.  (thanks Hossam)

Correction: it is a parody account of the Israeli terrorist army: The Israeli terrorist army tweeted this picture with this caption:

Embedded image permalink "One of our brave soldiers defending himself against a Hamas member who's in the deadly running away position #Gaza"  What does "deadly running away position" mean?

They don't have concrete to cover tombs in Gaza. They are using zinc.

UAE foreign minister tweets against Israel

It calls on people to retweet and it was retweeted, Sultan reports, more than 10,000.  I think such posts are intended to cover up UAE complicity in the Israeli war on Gaza.

Israeli embassy in London refers to Palestinian civilians as "Hamas civilians"


Do you notice that HRW is harsher in its tone against US war crimes than against Israeli war crimes?

Our country is a graveyard but Tawfiq Ziyad (not by Mahmud Darwish, take note)

 "Our Country is a Graveyard"
Our Country is a Graveyard (my translation):
"Gentlemen, you have transformed
our country into a graveyard
You have planted bullets in our heads,
and organized massacres
Gentlemen, nothing passes like that
without account
All that you have done
to our people is
registered in notebooks

The ruins of Gaza: all what you have done to our people is registered in notebooks

Dumb Israeli propaganda in Arabic

Embedded image permalink I always say that it pleases to live to a day when Israeli propaganda has become dumber than Ba`thist and Saudi propaganda.  It really does.  Look at this Arabic language silly propaganda "ID card" of Hamas released by the Israeli terrorist army. It lists Hamas "roots" as atheist, and I don't even know what that means and no one in the Arab world will know.   Also, in the section of "course" (manhaj): it misspells the Arabic word كسر and write قسر which has a whole different meaning.  

The British Israeli lobby

"Pro-Israeli organisations in Britain look set to see their influence increase if the Conservatives win the next election, a film scrutinising the activities of a powerful but little-known lobby warns today.

At least half of the shadow cabinet are members of the Conservative Friends of Israel (CFI), according to a Dispatches programme being screened on Channel 4. The programme-makers describe the CFI as "beyond doubt the most well- connected and probably the best funded of all Westminster lobbying groups".

Inside Britain's Israel Lobby claims that donations to the Conservative party "from all CFI members and their businesses add up to well over £10m over the last eight years". CFI has disputed the figure and called the film "deeply flawed".

The programme also describes how David Cameron allegedly accepted a £15,000 donation from Poju Zabludowicz, a Finnish billionaire who chairs Bicom (the Britain Israel Communications and Research Centre). Zabludowizc, the film reveals, has business interests in an illegal West Bank settlement. He also gave £50,000 to Conservative Central Office. Zabludowicz says his contributions "are a matter of public record"."

And the award for the dumbest comment of the week goes to Richard Engel (a previous recepient)

"Huge damage in #gaza. But didnt see hamas men out helping with relief and recovery".  Somebody should tell this genius that the men he sees around him are Hamas men but that they did not brandish their weapons for the cameras, unless he thinks "Hamas men" don't like like human beings and are distinguished by special physical feature that makes them identificable in a crowd of people. US TV news correspondents tend to be the worst of all correspondents especially that they never reside in the region that they cover, with the exception of a few.

In numbers: Israel is a more efficient killer than either the Syrian regime or the Syrian rebels

From comrade Talal on those who argue that Syrian war is worse than Israeli massacres: "If you include the 3 recent episodes in Gaza (Cast Lead, Pillars of Clouds, and the Firm Edge), we are probably talking about 3000+ civilians dead and 15,000 wounded out of a population of say 2 million.  If you assume that the population of Syria is 12 times bigger than that of Gaza, the equivalent figures would be 36,000 dead and 180,000 wounded. And the Gaza figures were accrued over 3 short periods. In essence, I think the Israelis are the more efficient killers. "

Massive demonstration in Sweden for Gaza (unlike in the US, war carimes and massacres are not big over there)

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Palestinians sift through rubble of buildings in Shejaiy, Gaza

"Palestinians sift through rubble of buildings in Shejaiy, Gaza"

Moroccan sports fans chant for Gaza

Watch video.

"How to kill children while smiling & lying"

"On every occasion, the presentation of events by Israeli spokesmen is geared to giving Americans and Europeans the impression that Israel wants peace with the Palestinians and is prepared to compromise to achieve this, when all the evidence is that it does not." (thanks Amir)

song for Palestine

"" "Oh Palestine, when will our freedom come?" Dania asks in her song.""

For an accurate sense of the views of Palestinians, you may turn to WINEP and Fox News

"“Nobody can forgive Hamas for what they’re doing," the journalist said. "No one can forgive Hamas for butchering Palestinians to get power. Most Gazans hate Hamas with a passion."" The funny part is that the article also relies on a "reliable poll" of Palestinians conducted--before the war, mind you--by none other than WINEP.   To this rubbish, Hamas can easily say: OK, let us hold elections.  It is US and Abbas who don't want elections.  (thanks Michele)

The Phenomenon of ISIS

Excuse me but I would like to be spared sermonizing from one religion toward another about the need for tolerance and moderation, especially when the sermonizing religion is Christianity.  Every religion has within it a version of ISIS. And the West is the last to speak and preach on this because ISIS sprang from Saudi Arabia, a state whose very survival (read the last Snowden document on that) is a function of stated US and Western policy.

Israeli media complicity

Israeli Radio bans listing names of children killed in Gaza

Friends of Gaza?

From Alfred: "I do not think Western and Arab countries will have "friends of Gaza" meeting. More interesting, imagine if they have any more "friends of Syria" convention, and what a joke that would be?"

Ukraine and Israel: learning to shell civilians

From Don:  This is very interesting. Hennadii Nadolenko Ukraine’s ambassador to Israel explains in an op-ed in Haaretz where the Ukrainian Army and militias learn how to shell civilians in Eastern Ukraine:
“For the past two weeks, my colleagues and I have found ourselves not as mere witnesses, but rather also unwilling participants in the recently inflamed conflict between Gaza and the State of Israel. …We had the opportunity to witness the action of Iron Dome, Israel's missile defense system. We are closely monitoring the progress of the anti-terrorist operation (ATO), 'Protective Edge,' in which the Israeli army is currently engaged […]
Therefore, I would like to highlight that I, as a representative of Ukraine, appreciate the help that my state has received from the citizens of Israel over the past months. I express my deep gratitude to all the members of the group "Israel supports Ukraine" and, in particular, the volunteer group "Israel helps Maidan wounded" for their support of Ukraine and Ukrainians.
In these difficult days for our nations, overflowing with sad news, I would like to bow my head in memory of the Israeli and Ukrainian heroes who have died defending their people from terrorists. "

From Gaza now

benwedeman (@bencnn #Gaza now: 1,062 dead, including ca 200 children (+70 % civilians); 6,037 wounded, 167,269 (ca. 1/10th of the population) displaced.

Humanitarian cease-fire: Gaza and "israel"

Not all Saudi writers are like those you see in the West advocating for this Saudi prince or that

Read this excellent advocacy for Palestine by a Saudi writer, even in the mouthpiece of Prince Khalid bin Sultan.  Many Saudi writers are courageous advocates for Palestine and not like those in the entourage of Saudi princes on Twitter.

Israeli lies exposed

"Brian Whitaker (@Brian_Whit Israel: "Hamas ... abducted and killed three Israeli teenagers"… Wrong:…"

Israeli terrorists killed those children

All killed by Israeli terrorists: The Kilani kids. Yassr, Elias, Susan, Reem, Yasmeen

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Poll: 86.5% of Israelis oppose cease-fire

"Survey says that should Netanyahu choose to end Gaza operation at this time, he would be confronting the overwhelming majority of the nation."  Israeli state AND society are the enemy of the Arabs.

saving her books from the rubble of her home in Gaza

Never forget, never forgive. (thanks Laure)

Democratically elected?

I dont watch US TV news anymore but heard a few minutes in the car on CNN and it was enough to let me know all I need to know about the coverage.  Michael Oren was on CNN and he talked about Israel being "the only democratically elected government".  Israeli propaganda needs to be updated: that line works with regard to Egypt and Jordan and Syria but no more applies to Gaza. Hamas government in Gaza is in fact democratically elected (in the most free election which was only marred by the infusion of US and Gulf money to sway the results) and the only reason why another election has not take place is due to US objections because they can't guarantee the victory of the clients of occupation, Fath.

CNN on Gaza

You know how far CNN (and other US media are in covering the conflict) when the anchor (the Israeli Wolf Blitzer who started his career in writing for the publication of the Israeli lobby, Near East Report) says: and now for the Israeli perspective from the former Israeli ambassador in the UN, Michel Oren, who also is a CNN Middle East analyst. 

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